How to Make Manufacturing Training Less Boring

How to Make Manufacturing Training Less Boring


It’s no secret that on-the-job training isn’t always the most exciting part of your day. However, for manufacturing companies in particular, neglecting to take training seriously can be a big mistake. After all, employees who don’t possess proper training in the use of equipment and machinery can wind up in dangerous situations. Hence, finding ways to train more effectively is crucial to both safety and productivity.

Here are some ways to make your manufacturing training a little more interesting:

Be Specific

Tailoring your training to employees’ specific duties helps ensure they will pay attention during sessions. After all, no one wants to sit around and listen to training content that doesn’t apply to their specific job. For best results, make sure the course materials are relevant and up to date; the last thing you want to do is train employees on old or outdated details that don’t reflect their current situations.

Include Activities

Few people learn best sitting and listening for hours on end. If you want to up the odds of your employees staying alert and interested, include games and activities along with your lecture content. For example, you could divide employees into two groups and have them compete to answer questions based on the training. Be creative, fun and unique for best results.

Offer a Reward

Want to ensure your workers don’t get bored in the next training session? Feed them! Offering free pizza, donuts or other treats makes employees feel valued while preventing people from nodding off in the middle of a less-than-fascinating training session. You can also reward workers for answering questions correctly or give a prize to the person who scores the highest on an after-session quiz.

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