Why the Ability to Work With Minimal Supervision Is So Important

Working with Minimal Supervision


Do you work best on your own or as part of a team? Do you need someone looking over your shoulder or do you prefer to manage your own time? These questions are important if you plan to look for a new job in the coming months. Fortunately, American StaffCorp is here to help you find answers that are sure to satisfy even the most particular of hiring managers.

Read on to find out why the ability to work without supervision is crucial in today’s job market.


Employees who can work independently tend to be seen as more adaptable and capable of handling different roles and responsibilities as they arise. After all, the time may come when your boss needs you to take on a task that isn’t in your job description. The best workers get the assignment done without relying on excessive hand-holding or assistance.


Whether you work in a busy office bullpen or at home on your couch, your company likely wants to know you possess a certain degree of independence. Let the interviewer know you can work effectively under multiple management styles, including those that lack clear supervision. Show a willingness to step up and get the job done and boost your chances of landing the position.


In today’s society, where company scandals are all too common, hiring managers are eager to find workers they can trust to do their jobs. If the supervisor has to worry about you slacking off on the job if she’s not looking, she will likely go with another candidate who seems more trustworthy. Hence, conveying an ability to work alone is important. Let employers know you’re honest and reliable, even when the boss isn’t watching over your shoulder.

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