Bad Luck With Hiring? These Simple Steps Will Lead to Your Next Great Employee

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If you’re a hiring manager, you’ve probably had the experience of bringing someone on board who wasn’t up to your company’s high standards. If you had to let them go, you may even have lost out on the cost of recruiting, screening, and training as well as suffered a drop in productivity. Fortunately, technology is making it easier to find the best job candidates. To learn more about how you can overcome bad hiring practices, check out these tips from ASC.


Write Better Job Posts

If you’re having bad luck with your hiring efforts, the issue might not be that the job is undesirable. On the contrary, your company might simply be failing to create tempting job posts. A good posting offers more than a list of requirements. Rather than tell candidates what they should be able to do for you, consider letting them know why working at your company would be a boon for them. Once you’ve written a great job ad, be sure to share it on social media to find qualified passive candidates who might not be looking for work.


Prescreen Candidates

Companies with hiring regrets often failed to screen candidates prior to bringing them in for an interview. However, the truth is that pre-screening workers is one of the most important parts of the process. After all, the fact that someone looks good on paper doesn’t mean he or she has the skills to help take your company to the next level. For best results, investigate a candidate’s background and check their references before okaying an in-person meet-up.


Focus on Culture

Successful hiring is about more than skills and experience. If you want a candidate to hang around for the long haul, strive to ensure they’re a good cultural match. Having several members of your team interview a potential hire is one of the best ways to ensure the candidate you choose will meld well with their potential co-workers.


Make Your Next Hire the Right One with American StaffCorp!

Whether you need a top-notch administrative assistant or a trusted manufacturing employee, the team at American StaffCorp is in your corner. In business for five decades, we have the experience and connections needed to deliver thousands of placements each year. Our goal is to find your next great employee and all the ones to follow. For more information, call today or contact our client services department online.


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