Watch What You Say: These 10 Phrases Are Making You Look Unprofessional

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You’ve probably spent considerable time determining what to say in interviews to impress hiring managers. However, you also need to focus on what words and phrases could make you seem unprofessional. Here are the top 10 things not to say in a job interview or at work:

  1. Swearing

Have a tendency to drop verbal bombs? Cursing can make you sound seriously unprofessional in a workplace setting, so opt for a better (and nicer) word.

  1. I know, right?

This phrase is a familiar one in the modern stress-filled office setting. However, validating a colleague’s complaints simply adds to the negativity. When possible, focus on goals and results.

  1. Trust me.

Don’t expect employers to hire you based on your promise to be a great worker. Instead, use facts and stats to showcase past successes and prove what you can do.

  1. I’m so stressed.

Again, we’re all stressed at work now and then. Instead of dwelling on the negative, strive to focus on the job at hand.

  1. I’m hungover.

It’s fine to go home and have a relaxing glass of wine – or even a few glasses on occasion. Just don’t brag about drinking in the workplace.

  1. That person is so hot!

It’s fine and even natural to appreciate your coworkers’ appearances now and then. But talking about it means risking a sexual harassment suit.

  1. Stereotypes and slurs

Avoid discriminating against any group based on factors like race, religion, gender, or appearance. That’s just common sense.

  1. I need a cigarette.

You don’t need anything. Proclaiming that you need a cigarette shows you’re stressed and can’t deal with your emotions at the time the stressful event happened. Take your smoke breaks at their scheduled times.

  1. I’m bored.

You’re supposed to work while you’re at work. Don’t denigrate the job or your fellow employees by implying you have nothing interesting to do.

  1. Inappropriate remarks

In the age of #MeToo, it’s best to avoid comments that could make a fellow employee uncomfortable or upset.

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