3 Ways to Keep Employees From Burning Out This Summer

Burning out


Warm temperatures mean that your employees are probably thinking about what they’d rather be doing. After all, no one wants to sit in a stuffy office when it’s beach weather. And while you probably can’t give your workers the summer off to rest and recharge, you can take steps to prevent burnout. Here are three ways to keep your employees cool no matter how high the mercury rises:

Email-Free Vacations

You might not be able to give your worker more vacation time, but you can at least ensure the days allotted to each individual are relaxing and rejuvenating. Consider putting a moratorium on emailing or calling workers who are out of the office. Instead, have workers cover for each other, so everyone gets a much-needed break.

Remote Work Options

These days, an increasing number of companies are allowing workers to work remotely some or all of the time. Not only does it save employees time they would have spent commuting, but it also allows you to limit office space. As a bonus, you aren’t spending big bucks to rent out and air-condition a large facility when a small one would do just as well. Additionally, employers may want to consider instituting a four-day workweek during the warm-weather months, when workers might enjoy taking long weekends.

Fun Activities in the Sunshine

When it’s warm enough to go outside, consider holding some lunches or team building activities in the open air. You could even host a potluck picnic, inviting every person on staff to bring a dish for sharing. The goal is to celebrate the season while building team spirit and morale.

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