Do Tweets Matter? Pros and Cons of Social Media Screening

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We’re all guilty of it. Before meeting a person for the first time, we jump online to check out their social media presence. And while a job candidate’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages can prove valuable tools for hiring managers, being overly concerned with social media might cause you to miss out on the best candidates. Learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of social media screening of employees:

Added Insight

Checking out a potential employee’s social media pages can provide valuable insight into their background and interests. For example, writers might share links to articles they wrote, and graphic designers might share sites they designed. Additionally, you can often see a candidate’s past employers and identify any areas of expertise that could be of value.

Red Flags

One of the most common reasons for browsing a job candidate’s Twitter feed and Facebook page is to identify possible red flags. After all, you might not want to hire that individual who’s getting blackout drunk every weekend or posting profanity-filled rants online. And of course you want to avoid prospective employees who are clearly racist, sexist, or homophobic. Identifying bigoted workers upfront can save you considerable hassle down the line.

Missed Opportunities

Of course, relying on social media to screen employees does have its downsides. Because social accounts are subject to hacking, there’s always the chance that a post you’re seeing wasn’t written by the job candidate at all. Additionally, it can be hard to judge the tone of comments made online; you might assume a post is meant to be taken literally when the writer was actually being ironic. For this reason, making decisions based on the errant Facebook post or Twitter message can result in your company missing out on top candidates.

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