Why You Must Show an Interviewer That You’re Coachable

Show Your Interviewer That You're Coachable


Hiring managers have a tough job. Not only do they have to sort through hundreds – sometimes thousands – of resumes to find the candidates worth interviewing, they also must determine who would fit in well at the company. One of the best ways to show an HR rep you’d be a boon is to portray yourself as coachable. Be the kind of person who is not just willing, but also eager to learn while demonstrating you can accept constructive criticism with a smile.

Open Yourself Up to Criticism

As a job candidate, it’s important to show hiring managers you know your business like the back of your hand. However, you don’t want to come across as so arrogant you’re unable to accept feedback. The goal is to show you’re open to criticism and new ideas rather than stuck in a single way of thinking.

Find a Wide Network

The best job candidates – and employees – accept advice and coaching from multiple sources. While you shouldn’t take suggestions from that random guy at the coffee shop, it’s a good idea to seek out feedback from friends, peers, former bosses, and leaders in your field. Not only does this help you become a better employee, it also shows you’re the kind of person who seeks to better yourself by any means necessary.

Focus on Company Goals

The odds are good a company is considering you because you have skills or talents in a given area. However, that doesn’t mean you should persist in the belief your way is the only way. As a candidate, show you’re not only willing but eager to learn new ways of doing your job. By focusing on the company’s goals – and how you can help achieve them – you better your chances of landing the position.

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