How to Get Call Center Reps Involved in Stopping Attendance Issues

Stop Call Center Attendance Issues


As the owner or manager of a call center, you are responsible for multiple employees on a regular basis. Unfortunately, you can’t resolve attendance issues among staff all on your own. If workers aren’t showing up to make the calls, you need help from lower-level staff – and the absent employees themselves – to get things back on track.

Here are some tips from American StaffCorp for getting call center reps involved in stopping attendance issues in their tracks.

Be Upfront

One of the best ways to prevent absenteeism is to be clear and upfront about company attendance policies. Instead of waiting until employees start missing work to launch a conversation about the issue, share your attendance expectations on day one. Additionally, it’s helpful to put the agents in power, allowing them to self-report their hours. The idea is to empower them rather than making them feel like factory workers punching timecards.

Offer Incentives

You’ve probably heard the expression about catching more bees with honey. Similarly, you can improve call center employee attendance records by offering incentives for good performance rather than punishments for bad. Start by empowering supervisors to reward workers who display perfect attendance for a given period. If your company has serious attendance issues, strive to make the goals small it first – for example, provide a gift card or other incentive to team members who show up every day for a month. You can gradually increase the goal to a quarter or even a year.

Hire the Right Managers

Of course, some attendance problems stem from larger issues in the office. Minimize problems by hiring the right supervisors for your call center team. The goal is to select managers your staff will feel comfortable coming to with their concerns. After all, people who dislike their jobs – or their bosses – are more likely to call out sick when they’re not.

Trust American StaffCorp With Your Company Recruitment

A company is only as strong as the employees who work there. Moreover, you can’t hope to maximize productivity if your team doesn’t show up. A leader in local staffing solutions, we help a wide array of businesses deal with employee issues. Whether you need help hiring or want assistance dealing with absenteeism, trust us to come to your aid. For more info about what we can do for you, call today or contact our hiring pros online.

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