Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time! Partner With a Staffing Agency

Partner With a Staffing Agency


Whether you operate a welding business or a law firm, the time might come when you find yourself struggling to find qualified employees. After all, there are various considerations, including workers’ expertise, salary range and general availability. A leader in local recruitment services, American StaffCorp helps companies of all shapes and sizes find the best people for their open positions.

Here are some reasons you should stop wasting your time and find your next hire with a staffing agency.

Better Employees

Working with a staffing agency often means access to more experienced, qualified employees in your specific industry. Staffing agencies are in touch with both active and passive candidates, so you know you’re getting the widest pool of possible employees. Additionally, they screen workers and interview them before your HR staff expends the time and effort.

Lower Costs

If you’re currently paying for your HR department to do double duty as recruiters, you’re likely spending more than you need to for less-experienced staffing services. When you work with a staffing agency, you can rely on them to screen and evaluate workers, even performing drug and background checks as needed. Staffing specialists have the background and experience to accomplish these tasks faster and more effectively.

Improved Odds

If you want to improve your chance of finding the right employee for the job the first time around, consider working with a staffing firm. Thanks to their years of experience finding and assessing job candidates, staffing agencies tend to have a good idea of who will work in a given position. You can increase your odds of hiring right the first time and reduce overall turnover rates for your business.

Turn to an Experienced Staffing Leader

Thanks to their more than 130 combined years of experience, the staffing pros at American StaffCorp can help you every step of the way. Whether you need help finding qualified candidates or screening them for success, you can count on our team.  To learn more about our expert client services, call today or contact our recruiting pros online.


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