National Safety Month: How to Fight Fatigue at Work

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Lack of sleep is a common problem in our overworked society. In fact, research shows that 43 percent of employees are sleep deprived, with the problem being particularly profound among those who work irregular or night shifts. While many of us are used to operating on less than eight hours, the truth is that good sleep is essential to ensuring a safe, functional workplace. In honor of National Safety Month, check out American StaffCorp’s tips for fighting fatigue in the workplace:

Take a Break

If you’re exhausted, you might be tempted to work through lunch in order to get your tasks done earlier. However, the fact is that taking short breaks can help employees boost their energy levels. Studies show that people who take breaks are more productive than those who keep their noses pressed to the grindstone all day long. During your break, make an effort to stand up and walk around. The added circulation will help you rejuvenate.

Have a Snack

If you’re trying to lose a few pounds, you might think that skipping lunch is a good idea. However, employees who are already dealing with exhaustion will find their energy levels plummeting if they start missing meals. For best results, opt for mid-day meals that are high in protein and low in fat and carbs. The last thing you want to do is eat too much and start feeling listless rather than energized.

Try a Different Desk

If you regularly find yourself nodding off on the job, you might want to switch up your work environment. A standing desk can be a great option for exhausted employees and those who want to fight back pain. Consider switching between standing and sitting options to give yourself the best shot at staying awake.

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