What Do You Do When You Catch Your Employee in a Lie?

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Even the best managers sometimes discover that their employees have been less than honest on the job. Unfortunately, as a supervisor, you’re responsible for deciding how to handle the situation. Keep reading for American StaffCorp’s tips on what to do when you catch your employee in a lie.

Review the Company Policy

If you think you’ve caught an employee lying to you, the first step is to review the company handbook to see what the policies are. There’s always a chance that their behavior was on the level or that they misunderstood how to handle a situation, such as taking a personal day. Once you’ve determined the proper way to behave under the circumstances, you can decide how to address the employee.

Talk to Another Manager Without Mentioning Names

Whether your employee lied about being sick or completing a task, you might be unsure how to handle the situation. Talking to another manager or supervisor is a good way to get a second opinion before you say something you might regret. For best results, avoid mentioning names during this conversation. You and the other manager might even decide to send out a company-wide email to clarify a policy that’s vague or ambiguous to avoid these issues in the future.

Address the Issue Head-On

Eventually, you will probably have to discuss the issue with the employee one on one. For best results, request a time to speak with the employee in private so as not to embarrass them in front of their coworkers. Then, calmly address the issue the employee lied about and discuss a plan to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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