5 Ways to Become a Better Manager by This Summer


Becoming a manager is a great achievement. However, companies don’t always take steps to ensure their leadership team has the tools necessary for success. In this way, they can actually set new supervisors up for failure. Read on for five ways to become a better manager before the start of summer:

Invite Feedback

If you want to improve your managerial skills, start by creating an environment in which workers are comfortable offering feedback. If you truly want to grow as a supervisor, you need to accept the good comments as well as the bad. When you empower employees to speak their minds, you not only learn more about yourself but you also help your workers to grow. That’s something any good managers should strive to achieve.

Give Feedback Appropriately

How did you react the last time someone criticized you in a room full of people? The odds are good that you didn’t welcome their suggestions. To become a better manager, strive to deliver all admonishments in private. On the other hand, positive feedback can and should be delivered publically.

Set a Strong Example

You can’t expect your employees to follow your lead if you’re saying one thing and doing another. For best results, set a good example by acting with integrity at all times.

Stay Calm

It’s hard to take someone’s advice when they’re shouting or otherwise expressing their frustration. The best managers strive to keep calm in the face of pressure and respond to any stressful or difficult situations with a cool head.


Even the best manager can’t do everything on their own. If you want to be a strong leader, recognize that you need to accept help. Part of your job is finding the best person to handle each task, so get to know your team and trust yourself to delegate.

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