How to Promote Your Business in the Local Community

How to Promote Your Business in the Local Community


The rise of the online retailer doesn’t change the fact that a lot of business is local. This is especially true of companies with brick-and-mortar establishments. Companies that don’t know how to market themselves locally are missing out on potential sales. To learn more about how American StaffCorp can help you promote your business in the community, read on:

Network With Other Business Owners

Connecting with local business owners is crucial if you want to grow your brand and network. You can use LinkedIn to find like-minded industry professionals in your region. Additionally, you can attend community events and charity occasions to connect in person with other business owners. You might be able to organize a system whereby you offer discounts to another local business at your establishment and vice versa.

Utilize Social Media

If you aren’t updating your social media profiles regularly, you might be missing out on a chance to grow your business among the local community. However, it’s not enough to post about sales and other events. If you want to increase your following on Facebook and Twitter, you have to post content that’s of interest to local customers. For example, a landscaping company could post about how a particular area can protect their plants from an expected cold spell. Whenever possible, share professional-quality photos of your business and products to provide visual interest.

Give Referrals

Referrals are one of the best ways to bring in new business. Not only does it incentivize your loyal clients to spread the word, but it also gets them to come back in for their discount product or service. As a bonus, people are more likely to trust a business that their friends recommend than one they hear about online or from strangers.

Help Your Business Make a Splash in the Community

From networking with other business owners to hiring the best employees, there are many steps companies can take to improve community relations – and American StaffCorp is here to help. A leader in OKC staffing services, we help a wide range of companies find hires for professional, industrial, and clerical positions. To learn more about our client staffing services, call today or contact our team online.


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