4 Ways to Deal With a Bad Manager and Keep Your Job

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We’ve all been there: The job is great, but the boss is making you miserable. From perfectionists with unrealistic standards to supervisors who don’t make their intentions clear, there are a number of bad bosses out there. Here are some ways to deal with them without losing your position.

Have a Conversation

Before taking any other steps, it’s important to talk to the person you’re having an issue with. After all, if you don’t make this effort, you might be missing an easy opportunity to solve the problem. Rather than stating all the ways in which the boss is failing you, frame the conversation around your needs, such as a desire for more support or an increase in feedback. You can also express a desire to help your boss achieve his or her goals and stress that these changes will work toward that end.

Find a Mentor

If relations with your boss are going nowhere fast, consider finding another mentor at the company. Searching out a worker you trust can help you achieve your career goals and gain support within the company. Additionally, you might be able to transfer to this person’s team if the situation with your boss fails to improve.

If All Else Fails… Go Above His or Her Head

The truth is your efforts to communicate with your boss or find another support system within the company may fail. In this case, you should consider speaking to your boss’s supervisor or even a member of the HR team. Be direct but unemotional in describing the behavior of your boss and how it’s affecting your job performance. You might also want to speak with a few co-workers to see if they’ll back you up. It’s always best to present a united front when seeking change.

Speak to a Staffing Company

Don’t wait for your boss to drop the hammer and let you go. If the situation is truly unresolvable, you might want to think about speaking with a staffing firm about your career goals.

Don’t Let a Bad Manager Ruin Your Career

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