The Truth About Staffing Firms

The Truth About Staffing Firms


Whether you’re trying to find your dream job or just looking for a change of scenery, you might be wondering if working with a staffing firm is the right call. If you’ve never worked with a recruiter – or worse, worked with the wrong one – you might assume these professionals have little to offer a talented employee. However, statistics show that staffing firms do get the job done – and they can help you get the job.

Here are some reasons to consider contacting a staffing firm for your next job opportunity:

You have a better chance of getting an interview.

We fill 2,500 assignments a year – 1,500 of which become permanent for the client. If you’re having trouble landing a job – or even an interview – on your own, a staffing company like us can help you get a seat in the room.

We work with a wide range of companies…

…150 a year, to be exact. From large public corporations to small, locally owned companies, we are proud of our relationships with business leaders. Their hiring managers trust us, which means they’ll listen when we recommend candidates for all their open positions.

We can help you land full-time jobs, too.

Job seekers often assume staffing companies can only connect them with part-time or contract jobs. On the contrary, 98 percent of the jobs we fill at American StaffCorp are full-time roles. And of the jobs that are temp-to-hire, many become full time in just 90 days.

Working with a staffing firm gives you more control, not less.

As a job seeker, you might be afraid working with a recruiter will result in you losing control of your career search. On the contrary, working with American StaffCorp puts the reins in your hands. Not only do you have access to more positions with better salaries, you can also learn what skills and abilities are in high demand with companies. You can use this knowledge to expand your education or training and get a leg up on the competition.

Become Part of the American StaffCorp Family

American StaffCorp is proud to connect job candidates with the widest pool of potential employers. We won’t stop working for you until you’ve found a job that meets your financial needs and wants while providing the challenge you desire. For more on what we can do for you, call today or contact our recruiting pros.


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