How Updating Your Communication Strategies Can Lead to a More Effective Business

Improve Your Communication


If your company isn’t performing at optimal levels, the problem might not be any one person but a larger failure of communication. After all, if employees can’t communicate with one another or management about the small issues, how do you expect them to come to supervisors with more serious problems? Here are some tips from American StaffCorp for updating your communication strategy and building a more effective business.

Invite All Employees to Communicate

Supervisors and top-level employees aren’t the only ones who should be allowed to share their opinions. On the contrary, the best companies encourage everyone from the new intern to the CEO to offer feedback and even critiques of the current system. The goal is to create a setting in which workers know they won’t be penalized for sharing their views.

Have a Conversation

The best employee communication doesn’t come from one-sided speeches or condemnations of the status quo. On the contrary, savvy business owners make sure workplace discussions work both ways. When a worker comes to you with an issue or concern, listen and invite them to provide suggested fixes before jumping in with your own ideas. Not only does conversation generate the best ideas, it also prevents small issues from festering and turning into serious, career-ending problems.

Host Social Gatherings

Don’t wait until an issue crops up to launch a conversation with your workers. Social outings like team lunches, dinners, parties and happy hour get-togethers are perfect opportunities for staff and supervisors to interact. By breaking the ice over drinks, you can ensure your workers will come to you – and not call out sick or quit – when things get rough.

American StaffCorp is Your Business Communication Expert

Don’t let communication problems sink your business. With help from American StaffCorp’s expert team of recruiters, you can teach employees at every level to share and compare ideas more effectively. That way, the best ones will rise to the top. For more information on our staffing services, call today or contact our pros online.


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