Growing a Thick Skin Will Make Your Call Center Job Easier


Call Center Jobs

Tired of having people scream and even swear at you on the phone? Do you find yourself dragging to work with cement feet, not ready to face those callers? Are you ready to hang up that job (pun intended), and move into something a little less verbally caustic?

Well, there are ways to make your current job in a call center or customer service successful. It just takes a bit of “thickening your skin” and using the following tactics to get what YOU want out of that phone conversation.

1. When you answer that phone, do it with an actual smile on your face. That will come through in your voice and disarm the person that is potentially about to lay into you.

2. Using your call center skills, identify and define the problem, and generate possible solutions with the caller. If you cannot come up with a feasible solution, tell the customer the truth and ask them to hold while you locate assistance.

3. If the caller is or remains angry – remember, they are upset with a situation or product – not you. Be sure to let them know YOU are there to help THEM. Most likely, you did not create the situation so remain calm and polite. Ask them to explain so that you can fix the problem.

4. Use selective hearing. If the angry caller has an attitude that you cannot change, just go with it and ignore it. Keep the call on your terms by addressing and readdressing the fact that you are here to help them. Sometimes, even the most savvy customer service person cannot appease the caller. At this point, follow your employer’s protocols on how to handle the situation.

5. Use the experience as a learning situation. You can try different methods and will be amazed at what works for you. Keep your own catalog of these instances and you will soon develop your own styles and techniques that work for you. These skills will work for you in any situations or future jobs. You will find that you have gained an invaluable skillset in communication.

By using the above techniques, you will become proficient in very valuable skills necessary in call centers, customer service, sales and many other careers. To search for jobs in these fields, check out our open positions and contact the experts at American StaffCorp.


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