Do I Need to Equip My Light Industrial Workers with Additional PPE?

As coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic restrictions are lifted nationwide, light industrial workers are returning to their everyday roles. Meanwhile, employers must provide their light industrial workers with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to help them safely perform daily tasks.  

Employers are responsible for equipping their workers with the right PPE, at all times. Yet, the COVID-19 crisis has raised concerns and questions about how to protect light industrial workers. As such, employers may need to take extra measures to safeguard light industrial workers against COVID-19.  

Some of the PPE that may be required for light industrial workers during the coronavirus pandemic include: 

1. Eye Protection

Eye protection may limit the risk of ocular exposure to the coronavirus. It acts as a barrier and helps prevent infectious materials from entering the eyes 

Light industrial workers should wear glasses or other eye protection to minimize their risk of infection. Eye protection should be comfortable and ensure workers can maintain sufficient peripheral vision. It should also be appropriate based on workers’ day-to-day activities.  

2. Face Mask

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing a cloth face covering to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Furthermore, a surgical face mask can be worn to create a physical barrier between the mouth of the wearer and their environment, thereby lowering the risk of infection or infecting others.  

Light industrial workers should wear a surgical face mask whenever possible, as this type of mask is designed to block droplets, splashes, and sprays that may contain germs. They should also clean their face mask regularly and avoid sharing their mask with other employees.  

3. Gloves

Gloves protect the hands against scratches, burns, and other injuries. At the same time, they can help lower the risk of coming into contact with surfaces where the coronavirus is present 

Light industrial workers should wear disposable or reusable gloves, depending on their responsibilities. If workers use disposable gloves, they should dispose of the gloves and wash their hands immediately after they are done using them. Or, if workers leverage reusable gloves, the gloves should be washed and cleaned frequently 

Along with the aforementioned PPE, employers may require light industrial workers to protect the head, legs, ears, and other parts of the body. Thus, they should provide their workers with all essential PPE to guard against on-the-job injuries and fatalities.  

Finally, employers must prioritize the health of their workers, particularly in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. By dedicating time and energy to learn about PPE to use during the crisis, employers can provide their workers with the equipment they need to maximize their productivity without putting their health at risk.  

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