The Benefits of a Flexible Workforce During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is forcing businesses to change the way they operate. Companies are increasingly encouraging employees to work from home during the pandemic. In addition, many businesses are giving their employees the flexibility to work their own schedules, host video conferences in lieu of in-person meetings, and perform day-to-day tasks outside of traditional business hours. 

Your business wants a flexible workforce, but integrating work changes on the fly can be difficult. But, the more flexibility you provide your employees, the better your company can perform throughout the coronavirus pandemic 

Ultimately, there are many reasons to maintain a flexible workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, including: 

1. Productivity

Although you may be concerned about how much work will get done until the coronavirus pandemic passes, providing flexible work options may help your employees become more productiveRecent research indicates remote employees may be more productive than those who commute to work every day. It also reveals remote employees tend to take fewer sick days, shorter breaks, and less time off than other workers.  

2. Cost Savings

Along with increased productivity, your company may enjoy additional cost savings by maintaining a flexible workforce. In the previously mentioned research, one company saved nearly $2,000 due to the fact that it could reduce its office space by employing remote workers. Your business may notice a decline in its electricity, internet, and other operating costs by allowing employees to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, too.  

3. Health and Wellness

Your employees want to do their part to protect their health and wellbeing  and the health and wellbeing of others  throughout the coronavirus pandemic. By giving your employees the flexibility to work from home, you can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. As such, your employees can work and stay safe at home and help stop the COVID-19 pandemic. They can also avoid commuting to work and other stressors that otherwise can contribute to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.  

4. Employee Retention

You want skilled professionals to stick with your company, but it may seem virtually impossible to find effective ways to engage and retain top talent throughout the coronavirus pandemic. If you give your employees flexible work options during the pandemic, you can boost the likelihood that they will stay with your business after the crisis ends. That way, you can simultaneously keep your workers happy and increase employee retention.  

5. Talent Recruitment 

You constantly search far and wide to identify and attract top talent to your business. Thanks to flexible work options, you can differentiate your business from industry rivals. Flexible work options enable your company to stand out to top talent, add qualified professionals to your team, and ensure your business is well-equipped to rise above the competition.   

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