Use These Tips To Help Your Team With Burnout

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A recent Gallup poll reveals that 44 percent of workers feel burned out at least some of the time. Recognizing that stressed or exhausted employees rarely do their best work, businesses are constantly looking for ways of easing the burden in order to maximize productivity and performance. If you’ve noticed that your team is suffering, check out these tips to help them feel better about work and life.

Be an Advocate

Unhappy employees are more likely to leave the company for the competition. Reduce turnover rates and improve efficiency by advocating for your team. If you sense that someone is overworked, offer to help them out or redistribute some of their work until they can catch their breath. You can also talk to your own supervisors about the effect the current pace is having on company morale.

Acknowledge Hard Work

No one wants to feel like their efforts are going unnoticed. If your employees seem burnt out or unmotivated, make an effort to compliment them on a recent achievement. Not only does this show workers they aren’t getting lost in the shuffle, but it also creates a greater sense of community. Employees will feel that their successes are tied to those of the company.

Be Kind

Everyone has a bad day (or week) now and then. If your employees seem stressed, the issue might be problems in their personal life rather than issues in the office. Instead of making teammates feel bad about bringing their personal life to the workplace, strive to show some compassion. A few kind words or an offer to listen can be just the thing to get your teammate feeling motivated.

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