5 Tips for a Safer Manufacturing Workplace

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Supervisors are responsible for more than making sure the product gets out at the end of the day. If you’re managing a manufacturing workplace, you’re also tasked with protecting the men and women in your employ. Understanding that accidents and injuries are all too common in this field, American StaffCorp compiled a list of five tips for keeping your manufacturing workers safe on the job.

Focus on Training

A large number of manufacturing injuries result from misuse of workplace tools and equipment. To prevent these issues, be sure to clean and inspect pieces regularly to ensure they’re in good working order. Additionally, you should provide periodic training sessions so everyone on the team is up to speed.

Wear Safety Gear

Proper safety equipment can mean the difference between minor accidents and serious ones resulting in injuries. To protect your team, ensure that all workers are wearing the requisite equipment. Additionally, supervisors should inspect safety gear and clothing periodically to make sure it’s working as designed.

Keep Exits Clear

In the event of an emergency, it’s important that workers be able to exit the building in a timely fashion. To that end, supervisors should remove equipment or clutter that’s blocking the exits. Additionally, this clutter can make it difficult for employee to lift and move heavy loads or use equipment as designed.

Focus on Posture

Ergonomics is an essential if under-appreciated aspect of workplace safety. Keep your team healthy and happy by teaching them the proper method for lifting heavy boxes or equipment. If workers are lifting with their backs instead of their legs, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Additionally, you should encourage the use of mechanical aids whenever possible.

Encourage Breaks

Even if your workplace is up to code, accidents can happen when employees are tired or stressed. To minimize the odds of injuries, invite your workers to take regular breaks and stay home if they’re feeling ill.

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