No Manufacturing Experience? No Problem

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If you don’t have manufacturing experience, you might be hesitant to apply for jobs in this booming industry. After all, there are plenty of knowledgeable workers vying for roles – what chance does someone without experience have? However, the truth is that opportunities do exist for individuals without a lengthy history in the field. Here are some tips for securing that first manufacturing job, regardless of age or experience level:

Opt for Entry Level

If you’re more than a few years out of tech school, you might be hesitant about accepting an entry-level position in manufacturing. After all, the salary is unlikely to meet your expectations at first. However, for workers without experience, entry-level roles can be just the gateways needed. Not only do these positions teach you invaluable information about the industry, but they also serve as stepping-stones to better opportunities while connecting you with other personnel.

Look to Your Skills

Just because you don’t have a background in manufacturing doesn’t mean you don’t have any useful skills that can help you succeed in this field. If you’re good with your hands or skilled with an engine, share this information with recruiters and hiring managers. Stress that you’re a fast learner and willing to work hard to achieve your goals and the company’s.

Say It With a Smile

Wondering how to stand out among workers with more manufacturing experience? Use your winning personality to make up for a lack of industry expertise. Recruiters want to know that employees are friendly and easy to work with, so strive to present a positive attitude during the interview process. The end result might surprise you.

Contact American StaffCorp to Launch Your Job Search

Intangibles like attitude and desire might just be your secret weapons when searching for your dream job. A Tulsa-area recruitment leader with decades of experience, American StaffCorp is passionate about helping you use all the tools at your disposal to find a position. For more tips from our staffing team, call us today or start your job search online. We look forward to helping you embark on a successful career in manufacturing.


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