How to Handle Tough Conversations With Your Employees

Difficult Conversations with Employees


It’s inevitable: As a supervisor, you sometimes need to have difficult or unhappy conversations with the people in your organization. Whether you’re talking about workers arriving late to the office or failing to do their jobs effectively, these conversations can be anything but easy. However, putting them off can have disastrous results. Here are some of American StaffCorp’s top tips for handling these tough conversations with employees with confidence.

Don’t Get Personal

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a supervisor is getting too personal during challenging conversations with employees. When talking to a worker about his or her performance, it’s important to focus on the individual’s actions rather than character. For example, instead of saying that the worker is irresponsible, say that something he or she did seemed irresponsible. The goal is to keep your tone calm and focus only on the matter at hand rather than letting personal feelings get in the way.

Try to See Both Sides of the Issue

The fact is that supervisors are rarely with their employees eight hours a day. When having a conversation about a workplace issue, express a desire to understand the situation fully by asking the worker in question to share his or her side of things. Not only will your employee feel that you care, but you will also develop a broader understanding of the situation. In some cases, you might need to adjust internal systems or speak to another employee to resolve the problem fully.

Don’t Put Off the Inevitable

No one likes to have uncomfortable conversations. However, as a supervisor, you can’t put them off and pretend the problem will go away on its own. If you’re having an issue with an employee, resolve to get to the bottom of it ASAP. Otherwise, you are likely to upset your other employees and maybe even hinder the business as a whole.

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