How Much Can You Make as a Head Welder in Tulsa, OK?

Header Welder Tulsa OK

Are you a skilled Welder looking for a position in Tulsa, OK that pays well? If so, you might want to consider a career as a Header Welder. A leader in local staffing solutions, American StaffCorp strives to help a wide range of job candidates find lucrative positions in their chosen fields. Find out how much you can make as a Header Welder and what this profitable position entails.

Average Starting Wages for Header Welders

When it comes to Welding positions in the U.S., reports show that business is good and getting better in Oklahoma!!  In fact, in Tulsa, the average Header Welder earns approximately $20+ per hour to start – an amount that is roughly 20 percent above the national average. However, more experienced Header Welders and those in supervisory positions might be able to earn even more.  No doubt, Header Welding can be very lucrative, rewarding and satisfying.

What Does a Header Welder Do?

Header Welders perform a variety of tasks in their daily operations.  Welding the heads of an air cooled exchanger falls under ASME Code work and all welders must pass at least one pre-qualifying weld test. Weld tests and the weld procedure following could include multiple processes such as Mig, Flux, Stick and Tig, along with Subarc on occasion.   For non-experienced Welders, the test can be quite difficult to pass, especially the first time or two.  Other skills needed are working off blueprints, layout and fit up as needed.  Following all safety instructions and policies is crucial if you want to do this job safely and effectively.

Find Your Next Header Welding Job with American StaffCorp

Whether you’re seeking a job as a Header Welders or one in another field, such as a machine operator or aerospace manufacturing, the team at American StaffCorp can help. Our Tulsa-based staffing professionals have been helping job candidates find high-quality positions for five decades. To learn more about our services, call today or search our available jobs online now.

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