New Skills You Need to Recruit Top Performers in 2017

Top Skills


The new year is a great time to give your company a much-needed burst of energy and enthusiasm in the form of some new employees. However, you can’t find top performers if you don’t have the skills for the job. Here are some of the top skills hiring managers need to recruit the best of the best:

Social Media

As a modern-day recruiter, mastering the art of social media is essential for success. Post about how amazing your company is, so active and passive candidates alike will be motivated to find out more. And don’t just focus your efforts on Facebook. Twitter and even Instagram can be great recruitment tools, too.

Mobile Marketing

If your recruitment site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re probably missing out on a chance to grow your company for the better. These days, many of the top candidates are searching for work on their mobile phones and tablets. If your application process isn’t mobile-friendly, candidates might just opt to take their job searches elsewhere.

Tech Savvy

Being technologically savvy doesn’t just help you find qualified candidates. It can also prevent you from hiring duds. After all, the info a job seeker includes on their resume isn’t always 100 percent accurate. Savvy hiring managers take time to check dubious claims online and review candidates on Facebook and LinkedIn. Make sure the people you hire can do what they claim before you get them in the office. And, of course, you should keep an eye out for inappropriate posts and tweets that make you question a candidate’s trustworthiness or judgment.

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