What Are the Best Jobs in the OKC Area Now? Learn More with American StaffCorp

If you are looking for a manufacturing job in Oklahoma City, there are plenty of openings to choose from, no matter what your specialty.

Here are just a few that we have listed at American StaffCorp.


We have an opening for a CNC machinist who can run lathes and mills, read micrometers, and interpret blueprints, manuals, and other work instructions. The machinist must also be able to study sample parts to determine the dimensions of finished work pieces and also be able to set up CNC equipment.

In addition, the machinist should be able to set machines and load them with the correct cutting tools. Other skills the machinist needs are measuring and marking dimensions and reference points on material or work pieces as a guide for further work.


We also have jobs for welders. The skills needed for this job include knowing how to do layouts, fits, and welds of fabricated, cast, and forged pieces in order to assemble components such as machinery frames, tanks, pressure vessels, winch parts, and post-driver parts according to blueprints.

The welder must know Flux, Mig, and stick processes. He or she must also have experience with metallurgy, using a forklift and OH crane, as well as thermal cutting and grinding.

Mechanical Assembler

This job requires keeping equipment operational, assembling components, verifying specifications, resolving assembly problems, using templates, and reading measurements.

Brazier Assembler

The person working this job should be able to use a brazier to attach valves together. He or she will also work with other valve assembly.

Production Worker

This is an opening in warehouse shipping and receiving. The production worker receives and processes orders to be shipped, knows how First In First Out inventory processes work, and helps with restocking inventory.

He or she needs to be detail-oriented, have an aptitude for math, the ability to multitask and be proficient in Microsoft applications. The production worker also needs to be able to complete various forms, reports, logs, and records. In addition, this person must also be able to operate equipment such as a forklift, wrapping machine, strapping and other devices.

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