How to Look for a New Job While Still Employed

Career counselors generally agree that it is best to conduct a job search while you are still employed. Companies look at unemployed job candidates with a more skeptical eye. It raises questions about their attitude, as well as erosion of skills.

However, if you are doing a job search while still working, you need to take precautions so as not to jeopardize your current position. Your supervisor may not be too happy to find out you are looking elsewhere for employment.

He or she may see it as being disloyal, and you could suffer some kind of backlash, even possible termination.

Here are a few tips on how to take precautions.

Mum’s the word

Don’t tell anyone about your job search. If you do, you can be sure the gossip mill will take over, word will spread, and it will most likely get back to your supervisor.

Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.

Make sure everything is current so that when you start your job search, you don’t have to rush to get it into shape. LinkedIn is the first stop for many hiring managers, so you need to make sure it is effectively advertising your skills, knowledge, and experience.

Withhold criticism

Do not criticize your current employer to others. First of all, it is unprofessional. And you don’t want to burn any bridges at work. You may need your current supervisors and coworkers as references in the future. Also, it may be helpful in the future to keep these people in your network because you can discuss different topics with them about your profession, work, trends, and job opportunities.


Ask potential employers to keep your job search confidential. They will usually be happy to comply because they understand the situation. To also maintain confidentiality, schedule job interviews during non-work hours.

No internet

Don’t use your internet at work for job search purposes. Many companies now monitor employees’ internet use.

Don’t advertise

Don’t reveal anything about your job search on social media. Here too, coworkers or other people you know could easily see it. Also, avoid posting your resume on job boards for the same reason.

Keep working

Even though you are looking for a new job, you cannot take your foot off the gas at your current job. You need to stay focused and do your best work until you leave the company. Your reputation depends on it.

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