How to Bring up an Uncomfortable Topic With Your Employer

No one likes having uncomfortable conversations. However, being able to start a difficult discussion is crucial to succeeding in the business world. When handled correctly, these conversations can increase your ability to secure raises, land promotions, and even gain respect from peers and supervisors. Keep reading to discover the tips for bringing up an awkward topic at work in the smoothest manner possible: 

Prepare in Advance 

If you have a difficult conversation on the horizon, it’s important to go into the situation with proper preparation. Whether you’re asking for a raise or complaining about unfair criticism you received in your last review session, it pays to think through a strategy in advance. Determine the points you want to make and focus on tactics for bringing them up in a way that’s open and productive. 

Provide Proof 

Going into a situation with a list of allegations rarely yields good results. If you have something difficult to say, start by meeting the other person halfway. For example, you could take a moment to acknowledge their side of the story. After admitting there’s room for improvement on both partstake time to detail the issue and provide evidence in support of your point of view.  

Avoid Getting Emotional 

It’s natural for feelings to crop up during a serious conversation. However, getting emotional rarely helps your case and can make it hard for people to understand what you’re trying to communication. Whenever possible, strive to keep calm during difficult discussions. If you have a tendency to lose your cool, think about doing a meditation session before the conversation to practice some even breathing. 

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