Follow These Tips to Promote Diversity in the Workplace

An increasing number of companies are now striving to create more diverse workplaces, and with good reason. Not only do diverse employees help bring different perspectives to the workplace, they also boost creativity and contribute to a business’ ability to innovate and solve problems. If you’re trying to encourage applications from candidates of different genders, ages, orientations and ethnicities, check out these tips for promoting a more diverse workplace: 

Revitalize Your Careers Page 

Does your jobs page demonstrate a commitment to building a diverse business? If not, you might be missing out on the chance to secure a more dynamic and effective workforce. Even just detailing your dedication to diverse hiring on your website can go a long way toward welcoming different types of employees to send in applications. 

Get the Word Out Internally 

When was the last time your team had a conversation about diversity? Attracting a diverse workforce means creating an environment that’s accepting and welcoming of people from different backgrounds and experiences. Encourage your employees to discuss these issues by hosting conversations on Slack or another online forum or create a newsletter to foster communication. 

Host a Get-Together 

Work events are fun, low-stress ways to promote employee diversity. If you’re looking for a way to get started, consider hosting a party to celebrate a holiday most of your staff might be unfamiliar with. Encourage the workers who do celebrate to tell everyone else about their traditions, assuming they’re comfortable sharing. These activities are great for getting to know other teammates and fostering overall communication.  

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