Struggling to Find Quality Job Candidates? Offer These Incentives

Your business wants quality job candidates to fill vacancies across all departments. But, your company has struggled to achieve its desired results to date. As such, now may be an ideal time to offer incentives to stir up interest from top talent.

Now, let’s look at five incentives you can offer to job candidates.

1. Gift Cards

Give job candidates gift cards that they can use to save money on everyday items. You can offer gift cards to celebrate high-performing workers. Or, you can provide gift cards to candidates as they get up to speed and complete your business’ training program.

Of course, any gift cards you provide should align with job candidates’ interests. Thus, dedicate the time, energy, and resources necessary to learn about candidates. From here, you can provide them with gift cards they are sure to appreciate.

2. Bonuses

No job candidate will complain about getting extra money if they accept a role with your business. So, you can offer a sign-on bonus to attract top talent. This bonus can be provided to a worker within days of joining your business.

Bonuses can be provided to candidates as they meet certain goals, too. For instance, you can offer periodic bonuses to a candidate who stays with your company for an extended period of time. You can also offer bonuses to a candidate who meets or exceeds various performance criteria.

3. Flexible Work Schedules

A flexible work schedule can make a world of difference for many job candidates. It enables a candidate to handle work tasks without compromising their personal life. The result: a candidate can join your company and develop and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Letting job candidates work flexible schedules shows you believe in their ability to get their jobs done as well. Therefore, offering this incentive can set your business apart from its industry rivals.

4. Remote Work Opportunities

You can offer job candidates opportunities to work from any location they choose. This ensures you can provide these candidates with the ability to perform work tasks from wherever they feel most comfortable.

Moreover, you can help job candidates avoid a potentially lengthy commute to your office by providing remote work opportunities. And for candidates who still want to visit your office at their convenience, you can still give them the option to do so.

5. Free Lunches

A free lunch can go a long way toward driving top talent to your business. If you offer complimentary lunches, you can ensure your employees can enjoy delicious meals at work. Plus, these lunches can give workers opportunities to engage with one another. This can foster camaraderie across your team.

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