How to Have Confident Conversations with Your Boss

You want your boss to understand your point of view. Yet, you often feel worried when you talk to your boss. However, you can build your self-confidence. And as you do, you can engage in confident conversations with your boss.

Confident conversations with your boss can help you take the next step forward in your career. They allow you to share information with your boss and listen to what he or she has to say. From here, you and your boss can work together to achieve common goals. Meanwhile, you can feel great about your conversations and what they accomplish. As a result, you are well equipped to become more productive than ever before.

Of course, building confidence can be challenging. But there are several things you can do to become more confident in your conversations with your boss. These include:

1. Identify Your Boss’ Preferred Communication Style

Some bosses prefer emails over face-to-face interactions with employees. Others choose phone calls and video chats with workers. Ultimately, it pays to learn about your boss’ preferred communication style. Once you do, you can communicate frequently with your boss through their preferred mode of communication.

As you get acclimated to communications with your boss, you will become more comfortable with them. Over time, you’ll know what to expect when you converse with your boss. At this point, you can confidently communicate with your boss.

2. Work with Your Boss to Solve Problems

A conversation with your boss should involve give and take. There may be times when you present problems to your boss. On the other hand, there are also plenty of instances in which your boss will look to you for help. In these instances, you should be ready to offer solutions.

Look for ways to solve problems when you converse with your boss. You can ask questions to brainstorm solutions to myriad problems. In addition, you can highlight the pros and cons of various solutions.

3. Follow the Golden Rule in Conversations with Your Boss

Both you and your boss are part of the same team. As such, your boss deserves to be treated the same way you would treat anyone else on your team. If you follow the Golden Rule, you can show your boss you care about him or her. You can also give your boss the opportunity to show how much he or she cares about you.

To practice the Golden Rule, you can greet your boss at the beginning of the work day and say goodbye at the day’s close. Also, you can check in with your boss and ask how he or she’s doing at different points during the day. With consistent communication, you’ll become more comfortable conversing with your boss, and vice versa.

Make the Most of Confident Conversations with Your Boss

Build rapport with your boss, and you can have confident conversations with him or her. As a result, these conversations can lead to great results for you and your boss.

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