5 Reasons to Take a Temporary Job As You Re-Enter the Workforce

It can be tough to return to work after an extended absence. As such, you may want to take a slow, steady approach to re-enter the workforce. And, as part of your efforts, you may want to consider a temporary job.

There are many reasons to consider a temporary job in lieu of a permanent one. These include:

1. You Can Find a Job That Aligns with Your Career Goals.

A temporary job gives you an opportunity to try a role and see how you perform. If you enjoy a job, you may have a chance to make it a permanent role with the same company. Or, in this instance, you can look for a similar job elsewhere after your temp job contract ends. Comparatively, if you are dissatisfied with a temp job, you can ultimately rule it out as a career.

2. You Can Enhance Your Skill Set.

In a temporary role, you can build your skillset. A temp job typically allows you to work with industry professionals who can teach you the ins and outs of their sector. The job can even help you gain new skills. You can then apply these skills to a similar role in the future. In addition, you can leverage your advanced skill set to distinguish yourself from candidates for other jobs.

3. You Can Expand Your Professional Network.

Temporary jobs offer excellent opportunities to grow your professional network. A temp role lets you engage with industry professionals in myriad departments. You can build relationships with these professionals in a temp job. From here, you can stay connected to industry professionals, even after your temp job contract is complete. And, these professionals may help you land your dream job down the line.

4. You Can Improve Your Resume.

Thanks to a temporary job, you can bolster your resume. A temp role lets you add professional experience to your resume. This experience can help you stand out to prospective employers. You can even ask your temp job coworkers and superiors to serve as professional references.

5. You Can Grow Your Career.

With a temp job, you can move forward in your career. The job lets you earn income as you decide what you want to achieve in the months and years to come. Meanwhile, the role enables you to avoid further extending your absence from the workforce. If you use a temp job to get your career on track, you’re well-equipped to get the most value out of the opportunity. As a result, you can use the job to grow your career.

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