Ghosting: Here’s How It Can Damage Your Career

How you engage with a prospective employer can have far-flung effects on your career. Because, if you ghost a company that wants to hire you, it may hamper your career growth.

What Does It Mean to Ghost a Prospective Employer?

Ghosting is a practice in which a job candidate ignores a prospective employer. It can begin after a company reaches out to a candidate after he or she submits an application. Or, it can take place at any point during the recruitment or hiring process.

Ultimately, ghosting among job candidates is becoming increasingly common. Research indicates 41% of candidates say it’s acceptable to ghost an employer. Yet, doing so can be problematic, particularly for those in search of their dream job.

For example, consider what can happen if a job candidate ghosts a recruiter. In this scenario, the candidate may stop responding to the recruiter’s phone calls, emails, and other messages. And, the recruiter may give up on trying to reach the candidate regarding a role with a particular company.

Now, consider what will happen if this recruiter has a job down the line that complements the aforementioned candidate perfectly. Rather than get in touch with this candidate, the recruiter may be more likely than ever before to move forward with other applicants, i.e., those who won’t ghost him or her.

The ramifications of ghosting can be significant. There’s no telling when ghosting a prospective employer will come back to haunt you. So, job candidates should err on the side of caution by avoiding ghosting altogether.

How to Avoid Ghosting a Prospective Employer

It may be tempting to stop communicating with a prospective employer if you are not interested in what it has to offer. However, there are several viable alternatives to ghosting in this situation.

Oftentimes, it helps to get in touch with a prospective employer via phone or email. At this point, you can let the business know you are not interested in their career opportunity.

Also, let a prospective employer know that you are not interested in a role that it currently has to offer but may be open to new opportunities in the future. That way, if an opportunity becomes available that aligns with your career interests, the business can let you know.

The Bottom Line on Ghosting Prospective Employers

When it comes to ghosting prospective employers, do everything you can to avoid it. Remember, businesses value reliability. If you do not respond to a company’s phone calls or emails regarding your candidacy for a role, it may become apparent that you are poorly suited for a position with the business. Worst of all, you risk destroying any chance to join the business now and in the future.

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