Reasons to Return to Work, Even If You’re Earning More While Unemployed

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic led many businesses to lay off or furlough employees. Yet, the “new normal” of the pandemic is underway. At this point, many businesses are reopening their doors. And, companies are increasingly looking for top talent to fill a wide range of roles.

Despite your best efforts, you have been unable to land a new job during the pandemic. Meanwhile, you may be tempted to continue to receive unemployment income. This may be due to the fact the total you’re receiving can exceed what you’d earn in a new job.

Why Now Is the Right Time to Return to Work

Ultimately, there is no time like the present to return to work, even if you’re earning more while you’re unemployed. Key reasons to pursue a new job include:

1. Unemployment Benefits Are Temporary.

All good things must come to an end. Unemployment benefits are no exception. So, if you are receiving unemployment benefits, you need to keep in mind that they will eventually run out. Once your unemployment benefits expire, you may need to scramble to find a job.

If you look for a new job, you don’t necessarily have to rush. Instead, you can search for a role that aligns with your career aspirations. Then, once you find the right job, you can return to work.

2. There Is No Guarantee That Jobs Will Open Up in the Months to Come.

The job market offers no guarantees. Although many businesses are adding to their teams, there is no telling if this will change in the foreseeable future.

By pursuing a job immediately, you can capitalize on the variety of opportunities available from employers across myriad industries. Perhaps most important, you can boost the likelihood of finding your dream job before it goes to someone else.

3. You Can Embrace Work in the New Normal.

The new normal has changed the way businesses and workers operate. Meanwhile, those who wait to transition back to work may encounter problems. On the other hand, those who are proactive in the job market can find the right employer to help them return to work.

As people go back to work in the new normal, employers want their workers to feel comfortable and safe. If you explore job opportunities, you can find an employer that does everything possible to support its personnel. The result: you can work for an employer that makes you feel about your everyday work. Plus, you can take solace in the fact that this employer is willing to go the extra mile to assist its employees.

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