Job Description Red Flags You Need to Know About

A job description speaks volumes about a business and the opportunity it’s offering. If a description paints a clear picture of a role and what a company has to offer, you may want to submit your application materials. On the other hand, there are job description red flags that can indicate you should look elsewhere for your dream job.

Common Job Description Red Flags

You need to read a job description carefully. That way, you can watch for any of the following job description red flags:

1. Vague Description

A quality job description explains the duties associated with a role. It also outlines the ideal candidate’s qualifications. After you read the description, you should know exactly what the role offers and if it aligns with your career expectations.

Watch for job descriptions that provide more questions than answers. A vague job description is unclear and may make you question what a company wants to find in its dream candidate. In this instance, the business may be unsure of what it wants from the right candidate to fill the role. As such, the company may require the candidate who fills the role to perform many duties that fall outside the scope of the job itself.

2. Poor Work-Life Balance

You want a job that lets you work hard and enjoy life to the fullest extent. Otherwise, if your job requires you to work long hours day after day, your work-life balance may suffer. The result: you may get burned out at work.

Take note of any job description that indicates the candidate who fills the role may be required to work overtime. There may be rare instances in which you have to put in extra hours at a job. But, if you believe the description reveals overtime is a requirement or regular occurrence, you may want to continue your search. This ensures you can find a job that enables you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

3. Free Trial Requested

The best employers value outstanding candidates. To determine if a candidate is a good fit for a role, they may offer him or her a trial period. During this time, the business will pay the candidate. At the end of the trial, the company can move forward with the candidate. Or, the company can let the candidate move forward with other opportunities.

Keep an eye out for a job description in which an employer suggests a prospective candidate work for free on a trial basis. Your time is valuable, and you should be compensated accordingly. If a company expects you to complete a trial task free of charge, you may want to consider options. Because the top employers will always provide fair compensation during a trial, even if they choose not to move forward with you for a particular role.

Take the Next Step Forward in Your Career

Now that you know about the aforementioned job description red flags, you’re better equipped than ever before to land your ideal job. Meanwhile, American StaffCorp can help you take the next step forward in your career. Our staffing specialists can connect you with leading employers in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Claremore. To learn more about how we partner with job seekers, please contact us today.

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