New COVID Orders: 6 Tips to Help Your Employees Feel Comfortable at Work

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is ongoing, but questions persist about workplace safety during the crisis. Meanwhile, President Biden recently issued new COVID orders that could change the way states handle unemployment benefits for employees who believe their health and safety are at risk.

Biden recently asked the U.S. Department of Labor to clarify that workers can refuse employment that jeopardizes their health and still qualify for unemployment insurance, according to CNBC. This could lead to a uniform standard for states to follow to determine which employees can leave their jobs due to health and safety concerns and still qualify for unemployment benefits.

What Can You Do to Comply with the New COVID Orders?

Your business is responsible for maintaining a safe workplace, regardless of the pandemic. If you understand U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines relating to Biden’s new COVID orders, you can take appropriate measures to maintain a safe work environment.

Now, let’s look at six tips to help you comply with the new COVID orders and help your employees feel comfortable at work.

1. Establish Social Distancing Guidelines

Require workers to maintain a minimum of 6 ft. of physical distance from one another at all times. Set up floor markings that employees can use to social distance. Also, stagger employee schedules to limit the risk of large gatherings at work.

2. Ensure Every Worker Wears a Face Mask

Do not let employees work in any building unless they are wearing a face mask. You can provide employees with disposable face masks any time they enter a building. Or, you can let workers wear face masks they bring from home. A face mask should be worn at all times at work. It should fully cover the face and nose.

3. Set Up Hand Sanitizing Stations

Encourage employees to clean their hands with antibacterial soap frequently throughout the workday. To do so, you can set up hand sanitizing stations that are easily accessible. Along with hand sanitizing stations, place posters and other visual reminders to encourage workers to clean their hands regularly.

4. Perform Ongoing Cleaning and Disinfection

Clean and disinfect every area of your workspace as often as possible. Encourage workers to maintain a neat, tidy work area as well. You can even provide your workers with disinfectant wipes and other cleaning supplies, so they can do their part to clean and disinfect your workplace.

5. Offer Flexible Work Arrangements

If possible, let employees work from home. You can let workers gradually transition from remote work to complete tasks in-house.

6. Provide Support

Remain accessible to your workers. Be ready to respond to any concerns and questions they may have.

The Bottom Line on How to Help Your Employees Feel Comfortable at Work

COVID has created a “new normal” for businesses and their employees. It will take some time to adjust to this new normal. But, businesses that take the initiative can help their employees remain safe and comfortable throughout the pandemic and after it ends.

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