5 Manufacturing Jobs Making a Comeback in Oklahoma

Manufacturers increasingly stopped hiring new staff in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But, many manufacturers are rebounding from the pandemic and looking to add quality professionals to their teams. The result: the number of manufacturing jobs in Oklahoma is growing, and job seekers who pursue these roles can capitalize on a wide range of career opportunities.

Which Manufacturing Jobs in Oklahoma Are Making a Comeback?

Manufacturing jobs in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Claremont making a comeback include:

1. Welder

Welders join metal together or fill and repair holes in metal. They often work on assembly lines and perform repetitive welding tasks. Or, welders may use robots to connect metal panels or perform spot welds when they manufacture specialized equipment.

There is a high demand for welders among manufacturers in Oklahoma. Most manufacturers require welders to know how to use welding equipment and have some knowledge of the properties of the metal. They also want welders to learn advanced welding techniques via an apprenticeship or training program.

2. CNC Machinist

Computer numerical control (CNC) machinists track a product through each phase of development. They set up and operate CNC machines commonly used in motor vehicle manufacturing, aerospace products and parts manufacturing, and metalworking machinery manufacturing.

In-demand CNC machinists typically possess mechanical design, mathematics, and computer programming expertise. In addition, they can operate grinders, lathes, mills and routers and maintain a clean, professional workspace.

3. Assembler

Assemblers put aircraft, motor vehicle, or electrical products together and perform quality checks during the assembly process. They generally stand or sit for long periods of time and ensure that products are properly manufactured.

Top candidates for assembler jobs in Oklahoma usually have technical vocational training and certification. Advanced training may be required for specialized assembly work, too.

4. Warehouse

Warehouse workers receive and process stock and materials, fill orders, pack and ship orders, and manage stock. They possess strong organization, planning, and communication skills that help them contribute to a successful team.

Many warehouses use forklifts, and forklift certification can help a candidate for a warehouse job in Oklahoma stand out from the pack. Also, applicants who are familiar with radio frequency equipment can further distinguish themselves from other warehouse job candidates.

5. Electronic Assembler

Electronic assemblers integrate electronic components into devices. As such, they are valuable contributors to Oklahoma manufacturing plants that produce computer equipment.

The best electronic assemblers have extensive technical expertise with circuit boards and electronic components. Furthermore, these assemblers know how to solder and use other assembly methods to securely manufacture electronics.

Explore Manufacturing Jobs in Oklahoma

The aforementioned manufacturing jobs are making a comeback in Oklahoma, and many opportunities are available to build a successful career at some of the state’s top manufacturing facilities.

If you want to pursue manufacturing jobs in Oklahoma, American StaffCorp can help. We can connect you with leading manufacturers in Oklahoma City, Claremore, and Tulsa, so you can take the next step forward in your career. To explore manufacturing job opportunities in Oklahoma, please check out our job board today.

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