Do You Have a Good Company Culture? Here’s How You Can Tell

Culture plays an important role in your company’s ability to attract skilled professionals. But, it can be tough to tell if your company’s culture helps or hurts your chances of recruiting top talent.  

Ultimately, there are several signs that your business has a good culture in place, such as: 

1. Quality Applicants Flock to Your Business

If your company has a good culture, it will receive many applications from qualified candidates any time a new position becomes available. This means your business is well-equipped to hire an exceptional candidate who can add to your culture and help your company accomplish its short- and long-term goals.  

2. Your Workers Give Their All, Every Day 

If your business offers a good culture, your employees will feel appreciated  and the results of their work will reflect their dedication to their craft. These workers will go above and beyond the call of duty to support your business and its culture. Plus, they will raise the bar for their peers, to the point where employees across multiple departments consistently deliver outstanding results.  

3. Your Employee Turnover RateIs Low

A good company culture can be tough to find. Thus, if workers like your culture, they will do their part to remain with your company for years to come. Since these employees enjoy where they work, your business’ employee turnover rate will be low, too.  

4. You Don’t Have to Worry About Office Politics

If your company maintains open lines of communication with employees, office politics may be nonexistent. As a result, workers will feel comfortable coming forward to share their concerns and questions with their peers and superiors. This can lead to a good culture built on communication, collaboration, and respect.  

5. Your Employees Are Brand Ambassadors

Your company’s culture can lead employees to rave about your business outside of work. If your employees are brand ambassadors, they will share their experiences about your business with others. This can help your business recruit superb candidates via employee referrals as well 

6. You Invest in Employee Training

Offering employee training shows your company recognizes the value of education and is committed to teaching your workers how to perform day-to-day tasks to the best of their ability. It also indicates that you want your employees to be successful  and are willing to devote time, energy, and resources to ensure that they can become valuable contributors to your business 

7. Your Employees Know What Your Business Is All About

If your company has a good company culture, your employees may see their work as more than a standard “job.” In fact, these employees will understand your business’ core values and expect the best results from themselves and their peers. 

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