Ace Your Virtual Interview with These 8 Tips

A virtual interview can be intimidating, and you need to plan accordingly. With the right approach to a virtual interview, you can show a potential employer you are the best candidate.  

Here are eight tips to help you ace a virtual interview.  

1. Set Up and Test Your Virtual Interview Equipment

Do a test run of your virtual interview equipment before the big day. Ensure your video camera and speakers work properly. Additionally, verify that your virtual interview software will ensure you can seamlessly connect to your meeting.  

2. Arrive Early

Log in to your virtual interview at least a few minutes early. This gives you time to get settled before your interview and minimizes the risk that you’ll inadvertently arrive late. While you wait for your interviewer, you can review a job description and any questions or concerns you have about a vacancy.  

3. Turn Off Your Electronics

Shut off your smartphone, tablet, and any other electronics that otherwise can distract you during your virtual interview. You should also conduct your interview in a quiet spot where you can avoid any other distractions.  

4. Dress for Success

Dress for a virtual interview in the same way you would for an in-person meeting. Learn about the company and its culture, so you can determine what clothing and accessories are appropriate to wear during your interview.  

5. Make a Strong First Impression

Greet your interviewer by looking directly into your camera. Thank the interviewer for giving you the opportunity to meet with him or her virtually. Also, listen when the interviewer speaks, and try to avoid interrupting him or her throughout the meeting.  

6. Display Confidence and Enthusiasm

Be yourself, and resist the urge to read from notes or look up information online during your interview. Remember, an interviewer is meeting with you because he or she believes you may be a great fit for a role, and you should do your part to respond to your interviewer’s questions with confidence. You should also be enthusiastic  that way, you can show an interviewer the energy you can bring to their business.  

7. Ask Questions

Share any concerns or questions you have about a job with your interviewer. It often helps to prepare questions before your virtual interview. Of course, if you think of questions during the interview, you should share them as well.  

8. Follow Up with Your Interviewer

At the end of your interview, thank your interviewer for taking the time to chat with you virtually about a role with their business. Let him or her know to reach out with any updates, and send a thank-you note within a few days of the meeting.   

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