Going Back to Work? Here’s How to Continue Practicing Social Distancing

Social distancing is crucial to help slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Thus, you need to practice social distancing, even as you return to work.  

Ultimately, there are several things you can do to socially distance at work, including: 

1. Create Physical Distance Between Yourself and Your Coworkers

Establish a minimum of 6 ft. of physical space between yourself and your coworkers at all times. If necessary, move your desk away from others or work in an office where you have plenty of space from your coworkers.  

Encourage your employer to set up floor markings and signs to remind workers about social distancing, too. With these social distancing indicators in place, you and your coworkers can complete everyday tasks without putting one another in danger.  

2. Implement a No-Visitor Policy

Let family members and friends know not to visit you at work for the time being. If anyone needs to reach you during the work day, they can do so via phone, email, and other communication methods.   

Also, limit deliveries to your office. And if you have a delivery made to your office, ensure it is brought to a designated area where it can be dropped off and properly sanitized.  

3. Use Remote Meetings

Host in-office meetings remotely. Although you and your coworkers are working at the same physical location, meetings held via video or phone enable you to collaborate with one another and practice social distancing.  

Keep in mind that remote meetings can be used to socialize with coworkers as well. For example, virtual lunches enable you and your coworkers to enjoy meals together at the office while you practice social distancing.    

4. Maintain a Flexible Work Schedule

Work a schedule that enables you to minimize the risk that you’ll come into close contact with others at the office. This may require you to get to the office earlier or later than you did prior to the coronavirus pandemic, but it can help you keep yourself and others safe.  

Along with a flexible work schedule, maintain flexibility with work breaks. For instance, a company may stagger work breaks to limit the number of employees who visit a breakroom at once. In this instance, go with the flow, accept your company’s request, and continue to do your part to promote social distancing.  

5. Share Your Concerns

Be open and honest with your superior about any concerns you have relating to social distancing at work. That way, you and your superior can make a plan to minimize risk for you and your coworkers.  

Remember, the coronavirus pandemic is creating a new normal for workers around the globe. If you express your concerns to your superior, you can do your part to help create a safe and comfortable work environment.  

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