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For nearly 50 years, American StaffCorp has been there for its candidates and clients.  

Facing one of the biggest challenges not only in our company’s history but in the history of the United States, we wanted to ensure that ASC is here for our employees and our clients. The challenges of COVID-19 are truly an unprecedented situation that changes by the week, and even sometimes by the hour. 

How is American StaffCorp there for you right now? 

We are focusing on the health of our team and our employees. That’s what is most important. How are we staying up to date on the latest situation?  

We are following the safety guidelines from the CDC as well as information from the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  

The American Staffing Association has also put together helpful resources on how to navigate challenges for staffing agencies.  

If you have any questions for American StaffCorp, please, do not hesitate to reach out. We are still open and have a setup that is capable to handle and answer your questions. 

Call us: 

Login through the Employee Portal to keep your information up-to-date 

Throughout Tulsa, Claremore and Oklahoma City, we worked with the most well-respected clients and delivered thousands of successful placements.  

For nearly five decades, we have been “Solving the Search.” That isn’t going to change. We will get through this together. 

We’ve been proud to be part of countless Oklahoma success stories and this time will be no different!

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