7 Resume Mistakes To Avoid


Just because hiring managers only spend a few minutes at most perusing a resume doesn’t mean you can afford to make mistakes. On the contrary, an errant typo or poorly chosen phrase can result in your resume getting dumped in the circular file. Keep reading for some of American StaffCorp’s top tips on avoiding resume mistakes to boost your odds of getting the job.

    1. Misspellings

Misspellings and typos make even the most stacked resume appear unprofessional. For best results, run spell-check and then send the document to a trusted friend to review.

    1. Ill-Matched Objective Statements

Many job seekers make the mistake of including objective statements that don’t match the job description. As a result, their resume looks sloppy and inappropriate.

    1. Lack of Keywords

The fact is that many companies use software to review workers’ resumes. Including keywords from the job description helps ensure your resume doesn’t get sorted into the “no” pile.

    1. Oversharing

The best resumes are brief and to the point. Unless you’re in academia, keep this document to a page or two at most. Wondering what to cut? Skip that babysitting job you had when you were a teenager along with skills every candidate has, like word processing or using email.

    1. Poor Job Descriptions

The most impressive job descriptions do more than convey your responsibilities. For best results, include your most glowing achievements on the job.

    1. Lack of Numbers

When listing accomplishments, aim to use numbers whenever possible. For example, you could list the percentage by which you raised company sales during your employment.

    1. Modesty

A resume isn’t the place to be modest. Talk up your job history and achievements so the hiring manager will start thinking about what you could do at their company.

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