Looking for a Seasonal Job? Here Are Some Tips

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Seasonal jobs offer workers a great way to earn extra cash, often on a part-time basis. Whether you’re looking to pick up a few hours to supplement your full-time job or just work while the kids are at school, seasonal positions can be the solution. However, the fact that these jobs are short term doesn’t mean landing them is always easy. At American Staffcorp, we’re passionate about helping job candidates achieve their goals. Read on for our tips on landing seasonal work in 2020:

Choose the Right Industry

While most industries have a season when they’re busier than other times of the year, seasonal work is particularly common in the retail and restaurant fields, both of which see a bump in sales over the holidays. If you want to work seasonally, start by filling out applications at your local mall or shopping center. You can also apply for seasonal work at resorts, ski chalets, or accounting firms, which tend to see business increase around tax time.

Turn to the Search Engines

The good news is that going store to store seeking out seasonal employment isn’t your only option. Contrary to popular belief, the job search engines list a number of seasonal opportunities. Use the advanced search option on sites like Indeed and SimplyHired to hunt by position type and hours. You can even search for keywords and phrases like “seasonal waiter” or “holiday worker.”

Find a Staffing Agency

If you aren’t having any luck finding a seasonal position on your own, you might consider turning to a staffing agency. Firms like American StaffCorp connect job candidates with a wide range of seasonal jobs that aren’t listed on the search sites. In fact, many companies come directly to the staffing agencies when they need to fill positions in a hurry. You can get a jump on your job search while resting assured in the knowledge that the companies you’re considering have been carefully assessed and screened.

Let American StaffCorp Solve Your Search

Looking for a great position in Claremore, Pryor, or the surrounding towns. At American StaffCorp, we have the connections and reputation needed to connect you with exciting part-time, permanent, and seasonal positions in your chosen field. From professional to clerical jobs, manufacturing to industrial work, we do it all. To learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals, contact us today!

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