8 Things Every Cover Letter Should Have

Designing an effective cover letter may seem like an art form. However, the truth is there are steps job candidates can take to increase their odds of securing that elusive interview. Keep reading to discover the eight must-haves for your next cover letter:

Creative Opening

As a job candidate, you can’t count on the fact that the hiring manager will read your cover letter in its entirety. That’s why the way you open your letter is so important. For best results, be original and focus on your achievements in the last few years.

Understanding of Industry

Hiring managers want to know their employees are knowledgeable. To that end, it pays to include recent industry news and developments in your cover letter.

Terms From the Job Description

Show you have what the hiring manager is seeking by including specific keywords and phrases from the job ad. For example, you might say you’re an adept writer or skilled in HTML.

Benefit to the Company

The best cover letters focus on how the candidate can serve the company, not the other way around. Strive to show how you can solve problems the business is experiencing.

Reasons for Applying

No one wants to hire someone who seems ambivalent. Aim to convey your excitement for the job, as well as what you hope to gain from the experience.

Appropriate Tone

The tone of your cover letter should match that of the company in question. In other words, you shouldn’t joke around in a cover letter meant for a law firm or hospital.

Understanding of Culture

Show you understand and appreciate the company culture in your letter. After all, job skills can be taught, but personality tends to be fixed. The idea is to prove you’re a good fit from the start.

Measurable Achievements

Don’t just say you’re good at sales or skilled at customer service. Demonstrate your expertise by providing the hiring manager with dollar amounts and percentages.

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