How Do I Talk About Being Fired During A Job Interview?

Most people find themselves being fired or laid off at some point in their lives, and the experience is almost always embarrassing. While you might be uncertain about how best to discuss your termination in a job interview, the truth is that most hiring managers will ask about your previously held positions. Here are some of American StaffCorp’s tips on talking about being fired without reducing your odds of landing the position.


Rehearse Your Answer

Discussing a recent termination can be uncomfortable. If you want to minimize discomfort and awkwardness on the big day, start by practicing how you plan to talk about being fired. While you don’t have to apologize to the past, it can be helpful to mention how you learned from the experience and the job. Focus on how you’re a better worker now thanks to your experiences.

Keep Your Response Short

If an interviewer asks you why your last company let you go, you might be tempted to give a lengthy answer explaining everything that happened during your employment. However, when talking about a termination, it’s best to keep responses brief. Then turn the conversation to your accomplishments and explain how your skills and abilities make you the best person for the job.

Focus on the Positive

Rather than linger on the negative, make an effort to connect your positive attributes with the role in question. Start by taking a look at the job description. Note any keywords and phrases that appear, as well as qualifications, requirements, and long-term goals. Then, find ways of demonstrating to the interviewer how your characteristics and experiences will help you serve the company in the coming years.


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