How to Stay Focused at Work During the Holidays

Between shopping for gifts and planning for events, it’s easy to get overwhelmed during the holidays. With so much on your mind, you might find yourself struggling to stay on task at work, as well. Here are some of American StaffCorp’s tips for staying organized and focused during the busy holiday season:

Get in Shape

The flu and colds are all too common during the holidays, and with good reason. The stress of working too hard and sleeping too little can impact your immune system and leave you more vulnerable to germs. If you want to ensure your work performance doesn’t suffer during the holidays, make an effort to take care of yourself physically. For example, you should eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and strive to hit the gym at least a couple of times a week.

Stay on Task

Workers often make the mistake of thinking they can save time by multitasking. However, the truth is that attempting too many jobs at once divides your attention and ultimately hurts productivity. Rather than trying to make a shopping list while taking that client phone call, strive to focus all your attention on one task at a time. You may also want to create a to-do list and order the items by importance, so nothing crucial slips through the cracks.

Take a Day Off

As the holidays approach, you’ll surely have some responsibilities to attend to outside the office.  Give yourself a much-needed break by taking a day off. One or two well-chosen PTO days can be the perfect solution to your holiday planning woes.

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