What Should You Do at a Job Fair?

Job fairs might seem old fashioned in our modern digital age. However, the truth is that these events offer an incredible opportunity to get face time with top companies and network with others in your field. At American StaffCorp, we’re passionate about helping skilled candidates find their dream jobs. Keep reading for tips on what you should do at the next job fair you attend:

Do Your Homework

When it comes to attending job fairs and career expos, it pays to do your research. Take time to read up on each of the participating companies in your field, paying special attention to the organization’s mission and upcoming projects. Additionally, it’s useful to read up on the hiring manager. You might find a point of connection that you can bring up if you see them at the event.

Craft an Elevator Pitch

Job fairs offer a great opportunity to meet and interact with potential employers. However, you can’t hope to land your dream job if you don’t make a good first impression. Give yourself the best chance at success by practicing your elevator pitch. Running 30 seconds to a minute, this short pitch should convey who you are, what skills you offer, and what your general goals are with regard to the future. Practice your pitch until you can deliver it smoothly and enthusiastically.

Network With Other Attendees

Employers aren’t the only people worth meeting at job fairs. If you genuinely want to use this opportunity to your advantage, make an effort to speak to the other job seekers. Chat about your goals and exchange business cards or email addresses if you make a connection. You never know who will be able to hook you up with an exciting job opportunity moving forward.

Get Help Finding Your Next Job

Leading the pack among Tulsa and OKC staffing agencies, American StaffCorp offers access to exciting job opportunities before they hit the job boards. Call today to discover open positions in the professional, clerical, and industrial fields or search our available openings online. We look forward to being your staffing partner in the coming years.


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