4 Benefits of Taking Breaks Throughout the Day

Employers have a terrible habit of getting annoyed when their workers need to take a break on the job. However, the truth is that breaks are a necessary and valuable aspect of an employee’s day. Here are some of the benefits associated with encouraging workers to step away from the desk or workstation on occasion:

Get Healthy

The experts are united in their belief that sitting for too long is bad for your health. If you want your employees to stay healthy and productive, encourage them to stand up, stretch, and even walk around now and then. Taking regular breaks throughout the day can help reduce the odds of suffering from obesity, depression, and even heart disease.

Get Motivated

If your employees have seemed unmotivated or listless, the problem might be that they aren’t taking enough breaks. According to the research, breaks give the brain a chance to rest and recharge. After taking a walk or grabbing a cup of coffee, your employees can return to the task with renewed focus.

Get Creative

Employees who take regular breaks are more likely to brainstorm creative solutions to problems. Research shows that taking a break helps replenish mental energy and allows for innovation. If your team has been stuck in a meeting for hours, suggest a quick coffee or snack break to reinvigorate imaginations.

Improve Memory

If you’re trying to train your employees to perform new or different tasks, regular breaks are essential. Not only does stepping away from an activity allow the brain to consolidate and form memories, but it is also known to boost overall learning capacity.

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