Why You Should Refer a Friend When You Can

Companies have numerous resources when it comes to finding quality hires. Along with job boards and staffing companies, businesses often turn to their own employees to find new members of the team. And the good news is referrals can provide serious benefits for companies and employees alike. Keep reading to discover the many benefits associated with referring a friend to your employer: 

Make Your Company Stronger 

A company is only as strong as the people it employs. If you don’t refer someone you know, your employer will be forced to take their chances with the job boards. Referring someone you know is a good way to protect your own livelihood as well as the company’s. 

Safeguard Your Future 

Of course, referring friends is also about building valuable professional connections that will be there throughout your career. Just because you’re gainfully employed today doesn’t mean you will be in a year, or even three or five years. If you want to ensure your friends will help you in your time of need, don’t hesitate to support them when the opportunity arises.  

Enjoy Business Benefits 

There’s a self-serving reason to refer your friends, as well. Many businesses offer a range of benefits to employees who refer workers that wind up being hired. For example, companies may offer cash bonuses, gifts, or even extra vacation days. At American StaffCorp, for example, employees who refer job candidates are eligible to earn cash prizes ranging from $100 to $250 for hard-to-fill positions. Note that ASC referral bonuses are payable after the referred employee has worked a minimum of 80 hours. 

Search Available Jobs Today 

A leader among Oklahoma recruitment companies, American StaffCorp has years of experience helping qualified candidates find positions at the best local companies. Whether you’re searching for professional, clerical or industrial opportunities, you can trust our team to help you locate and land great opportunities. Ready to get started? Call today or search available job openings online. 

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