What to Look For When Hiring Your Next Quality Control Specialist

Quality control inspectors perform a key function by ensuring that products are manufactured according to precise standards. Not only do QC workers help protect a company’s reputation, but they also provide suggestions for improvement, thereby preventing problems before they start. Because QCs play such a crucial role in a business, employers can’t afford to hire just anyone for these positions.

Keep reading for American StaffCorp’s three must-have skills for quality control specialists: 

Communication Skills 

Quality control inspectors need to possess superior communication skills if they hope to succeed. Along with reading and interpreting inspection requirements and standards, these employees need to be able to create clearly written reports summarizing their findings. Additionally, inspectors must be able to communicate with supervisors and production employees both through writing and speech. 

Tech Skills 

Quality control is a career that requires a significant amount of technical aptitude. Not only do QC workers need to be able to use basic computer programs like Microsoft Office to generate messages and reports, but they should also be familiar with different tools and measuring devices. Finally, quality control employees likely have to use digital cameras so they can photograph their work clearly. 

Attention to Detail 

A quality control agent’s success rate relies on his ability to pay attention to the small details. After all, these professionals are there to ensure products are free from defects when they go to the public, and many of the issues they look for are relatively small. If you don’t hire the type of person who sees the minutiaethen they’re likely to miss these tiny flaws that could lead to serious issues down the line. 

Find Your Next Great QC Specialist with American StaffCorp! 

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